The Ultimate Guide To Air Freight Forwarding

There are several complex tasks associated with international cargo transportation, including identifying the right carrier and handling paperwork. Consider air freight forwarding if you need a time-efficient and secure transportation method but do not want to organise the shipment yourself. You can find plenty of freight forwarders in the UK that can help you with your shipping needs. In this guide, we will explain the benefits and drawbacks of air freight forwarding and how to select the best option for you.

Do You Know What Air Freight Forwarding Is?

The process of organising and shipping cargo from one place to another is known as freight forwarding. The responsibility of a freight forwarder extends from finding the best way to transport goods to packing goods and handling paperwork. Freight forwarders are responsible for ensuring the plan is executed correctly, even if it is performed by a third party.

Air freight forwarding involves the transportation of freight by air. It can be transported using passenger aircraft or cargo aircraft depending on the cargo type, dimensions, and other factors. It is commonly used for international cargo shipments, but can also be used for domestic shipments in large countries with multiple airports.

Air freight transportation is highly regulated and involves a significant amount of paperwork, including insurance and customs clearance. In addition, the packaging of some products is required to comply with local law and may result in the shipment being returned to the sender. International packaging standards must be well understood by freight forwarders so that they can properly package and label goods.

The Advantage Of Air Freight Forwarding

When it comes to long-distance air freight forwarding, speed is the biggest advantage of air cargo shipment. Shipments can arrive in China within two days from the UK. You might even be able to request a next-day flight out from some freight forwarders if you need your shipment to be delivered urgently. Air cargo shipments are nearly always on time as opposed to land deliveries that may be delayed by traffic or sea shipments that may be held in ports. As a result, air freight is both the fastest and most reliable mode of transportation.

Transporting cargo by air doesn’t rely on railways, roads, or coastlines. The delivery of cargo can reach even the most difficult delivery points despite their inaccessibility to other means of transport. There are times when air freight is the only way to get your cargo to the destination you want.

Moreover, air freight is the safest method for transporting cargo due to strict airport security measures. By eliminating theft risk, freight forwarders and end clients can enjoy peace of mind and potentially save on insurance.

In addition to its less obvious advantages, air freight requires less packaging than sea or land freight, reducing cargo weight and offering significant savings for high-volume shipments.

The fundamental differences in pricing calculation methods may also sometimes make air freight cheaper than sea freight. The cost of shipping sea cargo is determined by its volume, whereas the cost of shipping air cargo is determined by its weight. Aside from this, sea freight has strict regulations regarding packaging and minimum weight requirements. When it comes to your cargo, a good freight forwarding company will determine the best option for you.

The Disadvantages Of Air Freight Forwarding

The cost of air freight is generally higher than that of sea freight or land freight, with rare exceptions. There is an interesting trend in air freight costs that are higher for domestic shipments than international shipments. It is sometimes necessary to compromise between speed and cost when it comes to business owners and freight forwarders.

In contrast to sea or land freight, air freight is less dependent on weather conditions, but flight delays cannot be completely avoided. Shipping freight by sea takes a while to arrive anyway, so a couple of days shouldn’t be a problem. The major advantage of air freight is its speed. However, even a minor delay undermines this benefit.

Speed is one of the biggest advantages of air freight. A minor delay, however, can undermine this benefit. There’s no doubt that cargo ships are much larger than planes, even the biggest ones. Consequently, air freight is not a viable option for very large and heavy items.

The Right Way To Choose A Freight Forwarder

When it comes to air freight forwarding, choosing the right logistics company is crucial for fast and secure service. Companies based in the UK can benefit from hiring a local freight forwarder like GenX Freight. Any domestic or international air shipment can be handled by GenX Freight due to its advanced technology and worldwide connections. An experienced freight forwarder can also help you find the right shipping solution for your cargo if air freight isn’t the best option.