October 2023

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A Used Car Platform Created By The HYUNDAI GROUP, AUTOBELL GLOBAL.

AUTOBELL GLOBAL is part of the Hyundai Motor Group and specializes in used car sales in the global market.

Autobell Global aims to solve the consistent problem that arises in the global used car market that buyers are concerned about when purchasing used cars online.

Such as low-quality used cars, fake listings, non-transparency of car information, and delivery.

The biggest concern when buying used cars online would be the risk of getting an unreliable car seller who sells low-quality cars and is not transparent with the information. Still, with Hyundai’s expertise in cars, Autobell Global has access to high-level quality control systems, mechanics who thoroughly inspects cars, reliable partners around the globe for customer satisfaction.
AUTOBELL GLOBAL is growing worldwide through innovation and used cars with warranty, raising the industry standards.

In light of recent global events, the used car market is experiencing difficulties due to negative impacts on the world shipping system, with problems such as a shortage of cargo ships and containers. However, Hyundai Glovis, as the world’s largest logistics company, is able to handle the shipping internally with its own shipping system. With a true 1-stop solution where the used car stays within HYUNDAI from start to finish reducing risks of damage and unreliable delivery.

In order to guarantee quality used cars and to show confidence, AUTOBELL GLOBAL offers a warranty service only a few used car companies in the world provide. With coverage of up to $2,000 AUTOBELL GLOBAL will do its best to safeguard the customers give to AUTOBELL GLOBAL

With high-quality used cars, safe delivery, and used car warranty service, AUTOBELL GLOBAL is receiving great responses worldwide.

So if you need a used car check out the quality-assured used car listings at Autobell GLOBAL, which offers good quality, reliable delivery and warranty service.

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Understanding ADAS Calibration Costs: A Complete Guide

In the steadily developing scene of car innovation, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have become foremost in upgrading vehicle safety. ADAS features, for example, adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist are designed to defend drivers, however their accurate operation depends on exact calibration. This exhaustive aide dives into the complexities of ADAS calibration costs, giving you a careful comprehension of what’s in store while guaranteeing your vehicle’s safety features are ideally adjusted.

The Vital Role of ADAS Calibration

Before we plunge into the monetary perspectives, it’s fundamental to grasp the reason why ADAS calibration holds such a basic job in modern vehicles. ADAS depends on a variety of sensors, cameras, and radar systems, all functioning as one to give pivotal functions like collision avoidance, lane-keeping, and adaptive cruise control. To function successfully, these parts should be carefully adjusted to guarantee they work as one, giving the safety and assistance they are designed for. 

Factors Affecting ADAS Calibration Cost

The expense of ADAS calibration isn’t one-size-fits-all. Different variables become possibly the most important factor, impacting the general value you could pay. It’s indispensable to consider these elements while planning for this urgent upkeep task. 

  1. Type of Calibration Required
  •    Dynamic Calibration: This technique includes aligning ADAS parts while the vehicle is moving. It’s more perplexing and tedious, frequently bringing about greater expenses.
  •    Static Calibration: Here, the vehicle stays fixed during calibration, which is ordinarily more savvy. 
  1. Number of ADAS Features

The more ADAS features your vehicle brags, the more sensors, cameras, and radar systems need calibration. The amount and intricacy of these systems can altogether affect the general expense.

  1. Labor Expenses

The Labor costs related with ADAS calibration can change contingent upon the intricacy of the calibration interaction and the rates of the service supplier. It’s fitting to get quotes from different shops to track down a cutthroat rate. 

  1. Vehicle Make and Model

Various vehicles have shifting degrees of intricacy with regards to ADAS calibration. Extravagance or top of the line vehicles could have more perplexing systems, possibly expanding the expense.

  1. Area

Your geographic area can impact Labor costs. Metropolitan regions will generally have higher labor rates contrasted with provincial areas.

  1. Specialized Equipment

Aligning ADAS features frequently requires specific gear and apparatuses. The expense of these instruments and their maintenance can likewise be calculated into the general expense.

The Average Cost of ADAS Calibration

While it’s trying to give an exact expense for ADAS calibration because of the factors referenced over, offering a general estimate is conceivable. Normally, the expense of ADAS calibration goes from $150 to $300 or much higher. Be that as it may, this is an expansive gauge, and the real expense can change generally founded on your particular conditions.

The Critical Importance of Accurate ADAS Calibration

While cost contemplations are significant, the essential spotlight ought to continuously be on safety and accuracy especially after driver or passenger side window replacement. An erroneously aligned ADAS framework can prompt bogus cautions, diminished safety, and possibly dangerous circumstances. Putting resources into appropriate calibration guarantees that your vehicle’s safety features work as expected, safeguarding you and your travelers out and about.

In synopsis, ADAS calibration is a pivotal part of vehicle upkeep in the modern time. While the expense might fluctuate, focusing on safety and the exact activity of your vehicle’s advanced safety features ought to constantly be the first thought. By understanding the variables impacting the expense, you can settle on an educated choice, shielding your prosperity while out and about.

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Get Your Car in Shape: Advantages of Utilizing a Paint Protection Film

Also known as clear bras, paint protection films include transparent layers made of urethane. Typically, paint protection films are applied to the car’s surfaces to protect the paint from debris. Moreover, these films have a top layer made of urethane or polyurethane, thus healing small scratches experienced in day-to-day driving situations. On the other hand, the bottom layer consists of an acrylic adhesive suitable for flexibility. Thus, this layer makes it simple for the paint protection film to stretch and wrap on different vehicle contours and around irregular shapes. While the film usually protects you from scratches following versatility, it also protects the car against road salt and parking incidents, thus making the car pristine for an extended period.

Here are the advantages of using a paint protection film on your car.

Provides Protection Against Fading

In addition to snow and rain, extreme exposure to the sun’s rays can cause your car to fade, leaving the paint job looking unpleasant. Consequently, if your vehicle receives uneven exposure to sun rays, it might end up having different color shades. As a result, you will be required to repaint the vehicle. But the good thing is that you can use a paint protection film for your vehicle to prevent fading. Typically, the film consists of unique chemical components that block the hazardous UV rays.

Prevents Chemical Reactions

In countries that experience winter, salt, and sand are spread on roads to help melt snow and ice. While they perform a good job here, these chemicals can be hazardous to your car’s paint and other parts. For instance, exposure to salt could cause your car to build up rust over time. Therefore, the film protects the car from such agents while preventing it from weathering following acidic rain and acid bird dropping.

Lowers the Need for Frequent Washing

Shiny and fresh paint makes vehicles look expensive and luxurious. Nevertheless, the shine will fade over time, requiring frequent waxing or washing of the car to bring back the glam. Fortunately, most paint protection films repel grime, dirt, and dust, thus reducing the need to constantly clean the vehicle. Moreover, if dirt sticks on the film, you can easily wipe thus lowering the maintenance costs and time.

Maintains Your Car Resale Value

It is crucial to keep in mind the resale value of your car, especially if you plan to sell it for an upgrade later. Some of the common factors that significantly influence a car’s resale value include the mileage and its quality. Luckily, keeping your car on top-notch can help maintain its resale value. Paint protection film helps you achieve this since most buyers will first be attracted by the car’s appearance.

Helps Save Money

Installing films on your vehicle can help you save money in the long run. Besides, repainting your car can be expensive and also cause inconvenience while waiting for the car to be serviced and dry. Installing a paint protective film means that you will spend less money repainting and cleaning, thus saving in the long run.

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