November 2021


Benefits of having alloy wheels

If you decide to purchase a new automobile, be prepared for a barrage of information. As soon as your friends and family hear about your selection, they become automobile experts, too. Because they own it, they’ll make you purchase it. Because they are doing it out of a place of love, there is nothing wrong with it. As soon as you walk into a display or dealership, the salesman speaks about various options.

Wheels may be described as being made of pure alloy by the seller. As an expert yourself, you know precisely what they are attempting to convey and if concerned about damage, click here. It’s essential to learn about alloy wheels if you’re buying your first automobile since you’ll have to spend a little more on them than ordinary steel wheels.

The pros of alloy wheels will be discussed in this blog article. But, to begin with, let’s get going.


More and more automotive manufacturers are offering alloy wheels. As a result, there are benefits to using these products. They wouldn’t be providing them if they didn’t. For this reason, let’s examine them.

Efficiency in the use of fuel

Steel wheels are heavier than alloy wheels. Therefore, fuel consumption will be reduced if the vehicle is lighter. Because of this, many individuals even remove the spare wheel from their cars. Physics explains everything. Moving large items necessitates the use of more force. Moving light items, on the other hand, needs less effort.

Engine Lifespan

The lower the vehicle’s weight, the less stress is placed on the engine. Improved durability and efficiency may be achieved via this. However, this does not imply that the steel wheel’s durability will be reduced. After all, producers put their products through hours of testing. Because alloy wheels are superior, this is the reason.


Also, the lighter design reduces the strain on the suspension. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing journey.


It is easier to accelerate a vehicle with a lesser weight. For example, you may have seen this in movies or professional racing. All seats, including the rear ones, are eliminated. To increase the vehicle’s acceleration and agility, this is done. The improved acceleration is a result of the alloy wheels’ reduced weight.

Aesthetics & Personalization

The design of a conventional steel wheel is the same regardless of the make or model of the vehicle. The alloy wheels, on the other hand, allow for a wide range of adaptations. For a more customized appearance, alloy wheels are the best option.

Heat Resistant Materials

In terms of heat resistance, alloys are superior to steel. As a result, heat damage to the car’s braking system or wheels is improbable.

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What Are the UK’s Clean Air Zones?

The UK government introduced the Clean Air Zones (CAZ) in 2015 as they started to work on projects aimed at improving air quality in cities. All five CAZs were supposed to begin operating last year, 2020. At present, there are approximately six operational Clean Air Zones, with others slated to start towards the end of the month and in 2022. 

Clean Air Zones are areas in the UK where actions are taken to help improve the quality of air. Highly polluting vehicles that move through or enter any of the areas are charged accordingly. The charges depend on the vehicle type and Euro standard. However, there are CAZs that are non-charging, which are intended to improve air quality but do not charge fines. Instead, they implement actions such as traffic flow management, retrofitting vehicles, and traffic rerouting. 

In the Greater London area, there are LEZ (Low Emission Zone) and ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone). LEZ is London’s traffic pollution charge program intended to reduce diesel vehicle emissions. It was introduced in 2019. ULEZ, on the other hand, is a designated area in London where vehicles emitting the most pollutants are fined. Mayor Sadiq Khan implemented it in 2019 and recently expanded coverage to a wider area of Inner London, including the North and South Circular roads.

The Clean Air Zones are part of the UK government’s plan to reduce emissions and eventually switch to hybrid cars by 2035. By 2050, the country aims to achieve zero emissions, with the UK population using only electric vehicles.

Clean air zones benefits

Clean Air Zones benefit everyone, but most especially the children and the elderly, particularly those with health problems. Aside from cleaning the polluted air surrounding the cities and town centres, CAZs have other benefits. These are:

  • Clean Air Zones encourage residents to become more aware of the environment. Instead of driving around in their diesel vehicles, residents will switch to public transport. 
  • Clean Air Zones help quicken actions leading to zero (or low) emissions, including the use of electric vehicles.
  • Clean Air Zones can also lessen congestion in busy cities and town centres.

Where are the clean air zones?

Currently, there are six Clean Air Zones, with several others set for implementation in the coming months.

  • Brighton – Brighton’s LEZ (Low Emission Zone) was implemented in 2015. However, it is only applicable to local buses.
  • London – London’s LEZ started in 2008 and it covered the area of Greater London. In 2020, London implemented the first ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) in the UK, covering the same areas that the LEZ covers.
  • Bath – The Clean Air Zone in Bath started in March 2021.
  • Birmingham – The Clean Air Zone in Birmingham was implemented in June 2021.
  • Oxford – Oxford’s Clean Air Zone started just recently, in August 2021.
  • Norwich – Although Norwich has a Clean Air Zone, it only covers local buses.
  • Portsmouth – By November 2021, Portsmouth is expected to open its own CAZ.
  • Manchester – Manchester will implement its CAZ in May next year.

The vehicles covered by a Clean Air Zone include:

  • Coaches
  • Buses
  • Heavy Good Vehicles
  • Taxis
  • Minibuses
  • Cars
  • Private Hire Vehicles
  • Vans
  • Motorcycles

Why are CAZs needed?

As mentioned above, Clean Air Zones are necessary to improve the quality of air in the UK. Toxic air has been a problem all over the country for years, and this is just one of the actions that the government has seriously taken. Additionally, the scheme is a result of the Supreme Court’s orders to find ways to monitor nitrogen dioxide or NO2 levels in the air. Environmental groups have also been urging the government to take action on the problem of toxic air. 

Air quality problems became more pronounced in 2015, when the Dieselgate scandal broke. The diesel emissions scandal involved German car manufacturer Volkswagen, which, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, installed defeat devices in their diesel vehicles so they could cheat on emissions tests. The cheat software hid the real volume of nitrogen oxide (NOx emissions) during lab tests, so they appeared safe and within legal levels. When driven in real-world conditions, though, they emitted NOx levels that far exceeded the EU and World Health Organization limits.

This presented additional problems to authorities as the scam eventually moved through Europe and the UK and now involves several car manufacturers, mostly from Europe. For example, the Mercedes Benz emission scandal broke months after the VW scandal and other manufacturers were soon implicated as well. So, aside from the Clean Air Zone, the UK government has had to strictly implement additional measures to reduce NOx emissions and address these to the affected car manufacturers.

Your role

If you drive through the CAZs regularly and have a vehicle installed with a defeat device, request your manufacturer for a recall so they can fit your car with a safer, upgraded engine. You should also file a compensation claim. So, if your affected vehicle is a Mercedes-Benz, find a team of experts who can help you file a Mercedes diesel claim. These teams are trained and experienced to work on cases like yours. They’ll work with you from the first to the last step of the process.

Work with the compensation claims experts at and your chances of a successful claim will be greater.

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Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses the Advantages of Buying a Used Car


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, if you plan to buy a used car, you will be glad to know that it comes with many benefits. Though getting a brand-new car can feel great and you may find it tempting, buying a used car can be a wiser decision depending on your requirements.

The Advantages

Here are a few advantages of buying a used car:

  1. Prices of a used car are affordable- One of the most important advantages of buying a used car is that you can buy a car at affordable prices. Old cars are always cheaper than new cars. If you plan to buy a luxury car and can’t afford a new one, it helps you buy it at much lower prices. It is challenging for many to afford a car, but used cars are much more affordable.
  1. Depreciation at a lower rate- A brand new car depreciates at a much higher rate than old cars. According to research, a new car faces depreciation of about 40% during the first year. However, if you buy a used car, you don’t have to worry about massive depreciation.
  1. Insurance rates are less- The car’s age has a significant impact on insurance rates. Therefore, in the case of used cars, insurance rates are not very expensive. If you do proper research before making the purchase, you can save yourself from the insurance sticker shock, no matter which vehicle you choose to buy.
  1. You get a warranty- If you buy a used car from a company’s used car wallet, you also get to enjoy a warranty that covers a certain distance in a given timeframe. Just be alert and cautious while purchasing to avoid regrets or any kind of fraudulent activity.
  1. No need to pay sales tax- You may have to pay sales tax if buying a brand new car. But, in the case of a used car, you don’t need to pay this tax, and it saves a lot of money.
  1. Get a car in good condition- Nowadays, you can even get used cars in good and decent condition. Yes, days are changing, and used cars no longer have worn-out exteriors and interiors. You can get a used car with no scratches and is mechanically fit, with minimal effort.
  1. Good for the environment- Yes, you are reading it right, buying used cars is good for the environment because used cars give out less carbon dioxide, and it makes used cars less toxic for the environment compared to new cars.


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that if you are stuck between buying a new car and a used car, consider the above-mentioned points before deciding. Buying a used car comes with many benefits and can save your hard-earned money. However, check the condition of the car before buying it, and it will help if you also go through the reviews of the outlet from where you are making the purchase.

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