December 2021


5 Superior Car Wash Supplies You Need To Start A Successful Car Wash Business

You can’t operate a high-quality car wash without superior car wash supplies. What separates a premium car wash supply from an ordinary product? Superior ones last longer, work more effectively, and are safer to use. They don’t falter even after repeated use. To get you started right away on your business, we’ve put together this list of car wash supplies that any self-respecting car wash business would love to have in their inventory.

1.   Golden State’s Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are premium material and top quality, making them the best among the best. Microfiber towels have unique technology that has high absorbency, thus cleaning better than regular cloth. Consequently, the luxury microfiber towels will be able to make your business look professional.

Luxurious microfiber towels are essential car wash supplies and won’t scratch your glass or paint when wiping, cleaning, waxing, or detailing. Of importance is that the luxury microfiber towels won’t leave trail marks after washing and drying your car windows, hence leaving your car windows sparkling clean. The Golden State’s microfiber towel can retain water over 7x its weight. The towels use thousands of microfibers to trap tiny particles leaving your services clean.

2.   Superior Car Wash Vacuum Parts: Hoses and Nozzles

Premier car wash vacuum parts are just part of the equipment and supplies you need to create the ultimate car washing experience. A quality vacuum cleaner is what separates good auto detailers from great ones. Every auto detailer needs a powerful yet professional-grade vacuum cleaner that captures debris effectively and doesn’t miss a single nook or cranny in the vehicle’s interior.

You will need legitimate superior car wash vacuum parts to open a successful car wash business. Such vacuum parts may include premier Smooth Bor hoses for wet and dry car wash vacuums which are flexible, durable, and come in different colors. Vacuum nozzles from Mr Nozzle contain HDPE, which makes these nozzles durable.

3.   Car Wash Tampico Spoke Brushes And Mitts

Your car washing business is only as good as the tools you use to wash your client’s cars. If you want to enjoy and gain true satisfaction from serving customers, you need to have top-quality car washing supplies. The Tampico Spoke brushes and mitts could comfortably clean any vehicle, including luxury cars, minivans, or trucks.

Together with a Shampoo Foamer, they guarantee your customers minimum wait times while they get pampered in the luxurious ambiance of your service station. A few mitts are always good to have so that you will have enough shampoos at hand. Excellent car wash brushes, mitts, and other quality gear will ensure your customers won’t have to go anywhere else. Don’t blow your capital on the wrong business supplies.

4.   Midland Biz Talk Business Radio- Walkie Talkie

Business Radio communication is a must-have for business and commercial use. These are the midland has to offer when it comes to business-grade equipment. With midland biz talk, walkie-talkie communication system top-rated walkie-talkies in the world, you will get state-of-the-art walkie-talkies that have clear communication and are easy to set up.

A walkie-talkie is crucial in a car wash since it makes it easy to communicate to a group without calling a meeting with ease. Consequently, a quality walkie-talkie will ease communication and lead to efficient and quality service and a faster response in an emergency. Midland Biz Talk business radio has an appropriate range to cover even an extensive car wash area and is durable, offering you value for your money. The radio transmitters and receivers play a crucial role as they help connect your staff instantaneously and let them operate when there is no phone service facility.

5.   100% Cotton Terry Towel

Towels are an essential part of any car wash business, and now you can get 100% cotton terry towels for your own business.100% cotton terry towels have many uses in the car wash industry, from drying your vehicle to cleaning the interiors and windows. These are also called waffle weave cloth towels for car wash businesses. Terry towels have extended loops; thus, they absorb a lot of water with ease.


Washing cars may look easy, but it requires the right equipment and supplies. You could easily blow your capital on the wrong business supplies as a car wash owner. However, picking the right car wash supplies can guarantee better business performance. Equally, partnering with the best suppliers is key to accessing low wholesale prices and an excellent customer service team for technical advice and tips to succeed in this industry. You can count on Superior Car Wash Supply as your effective partner for a successful car wash business.

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Beginner’s Guide to Drag Racing

In the world of cars and speed, with the adrenaline rush, and growling engines, modifications are a mandatory ingredient that can drive your car to the next level with a performance boost up and give you a competitive edge.

So now that you’ve decided to give your four-wheeler a bit of tuning and expand its racing edge, also, increasing the performance level of your car, here are some of the tips for the modifications you might consider.

The basics of a racing car include:

  • Modifications of tires, replace your regular tires with performance tires for the best performance. With these tires, you get better traction and increased handling response.
  • Modified clutch kits for enhanced performance of the racing cars. These high-performance clutches give less weight, more power, better fuel economy, better time, and custom ride.
  • Modifications in brakes bring about a huge difference in the car’s performance for a long-term basis.
  • ECU tuning needs to be upgraded for the optimum performance of your car as it involves the functioning of engines.
  • Modifications in your exhaust system will ensure a better exhaust flow and will allow your engine to perform optimally while you’re driving fast on the race track.

Drag Racing Tips and Techniques

In case you want to drag your car optimally on the race track with no difficulties or complexities, keeping in mind the safety concerns, we have listed some of the best tips for drag racing.

1.    Excellent far vision

It is very essential to practice proper hand-eye coordination while you are driving or racing, and you don’t just focus on something that is directly ahead of you. Your brain should have enough time to capture and understand the response and act accordingly. Haste while drag racing is never an option.

2.     The Burnout

The burnout is designed in a manner to clean off the rear tires to avail the maximum traction. You have to decide if you want to use the water for burnout, and the best way to optimize the burnout is to look at the tires. In case you find your tire composition that maximizes traction, then you must use water.

3.    Use your left foot for the brake

Most of the experienced drivers, and skilled racers apply brakes with their left foot. When you use your left foot to apply the brake and drifting over the brake pedal assists in reducing the time and helps in slowing down. Using your left foot is beneficial and a great hack for a racer.

4.    Pre-race preparation

You can’t just start driving without preparing for your race. There are a few things you have to consider before you need to start. Get your necessary accessories ready before you start and the racing performance parts need to be checked and have to be altered if necessary. Give a quick look at all the necessary parts of the car and make them efficient if necessary.

Final Words

A thumb rule to augment your car’s performance is to choose your alterations and modifications wisely. You must know where to invest your money and time, don’t just blindly start modifying every part of your car, do a proper analysis of your car and relate it with alterations. Once you identify what changes have to be made and how to bring about a high-quality performance in your race car, you are all set to drag racing.

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How to Prepare and Make a Car Comfortable for Road Trips

Long drives may take you to awesome places, which airplanes won’t get you to. Plus, driving is cheaper compared to flying.

However, the only problem is that sitting for long hours becomes uncomfortable and boring, particularly when driving with kids.

So before jumping right to your car and going for a road trip, you have to ensure you are well-prepared to make the entire trip more comfortable. The best ways to achieve this include:

1.     Get a Good Sleep

Before heading out for a long road trip, get a good sleep and ensure you feel well-rested. It is not always simple, especially when you have many things to part and organize before your trip.

But experts suggest that you focus on unwinding and having an early night before your trip starts. This will surely uplevel the comfort of your journey.

2.     Deal with the Bad Odors

Your car is basically a sanctuary on the wheels. However, at times, strange odors might create an unpleasant atmosphere.

It is fairly simple to tell if your car has unwanted odors before driving. Though sometimes odors might creep on you as you drive.

The best way to get rid of those smells is to use a car odor eliminator bomb. It will enable you to get rid of bad smells even from the following:

  • Carpet
  • Glove compartments
  • Seats
  • Visors
  • Headliners
  • AC system

3.     Carry a Travel Bed

You read it right. There are travel beds, which you may set up in a car. If you are going for a road trip and require a space for a nighttime snooze or afternoon rest, think of adding a travel bed to your vehicle.

This inflatable bed leaves a small footprint on your trunk when it gets inflated. All you need to do is blow it up and when you are set to hit the hay.

Plus, having a travel bed in your car will save you cash on costly hotels and provide you with a comfortable place for your pet in the backseat.

4.     Get Supportive Accessories

Just because you won’t pay for expensive airline tickets doesn’t mean you may not invest some cash on accessories that will make you comfortable.

Whether it is an accessory for back support, such as lumbar pillows, or something simple like a blanket, having the best gear will make a great difference to your road trip.

5.     Hydrate

When taking road trips, it is simple to get tired and dehydrated. The best way to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the trip is to carry one or two reusable water bottles. Refill your bottles without buying other plastic water bottles at every rest stop.

You may also pack electrolyte drinks or powders. Drinks or powders designed for athletes usually have electrolytes that replenish all the vital nutrients in the body.

In a Nutshell!

When planning for road trips, ensure you count for at least two or three ways to ensure you get to all your destinations comfortably and safely.

You will also require a good plan. The plan shouldn’t focus on packing alone. Your plan should as well concentrate on ways of dealing with highway hypnosis.

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Selling car in Brisbane made easy

Although you can sell your used, unwanted or salvaged car on your own if you have enough time and stamina for completing all formalities and paperwork yet most people find it difficult and hence seek professional help.

Alternatively, you may sell your used car to a dealer or against cash to a car-buying service provider. When you try to sell your car privately, you need to furnish your car both externally as well as internally and do all the paperwork yourself which can be a complicated affair. Moreover, you will be required to advertise, locate potential buyer and negotiate the price all by yourself, if you opt to sell your car privately.

Selling car through may also not be suitable as mostly low prices are quoted and also asked to buy new car from their dealership and get the cost of your old used car adjusted.

The best option for selling car in Brisbane is to sell car against cash which is the fastest and most easy way. For selling in Brisbane for cash, quickly and in an easier way, there are many car removal companies dealing in car for cash. You just need to identify the best one like Sell My Car in Brisbane to eliminate your need to look for how to sell your car in Brisbane.

How car for cash system works?

When you decide to sell your car for cash through an online car buying service, you not only sell your car instantly but also get a higher price.

You will be required to just fill an online form, divulge details of car such as make, model as well as age and condition of the car besides your own contact number. The executives of the company will contact you for physical inspection of the car.

Based on their evaluation, they will quote the price and if acceptable to you, cash will be paid to you instantly on the spot and all necessary paper work will be done there and then only or maximum within 24 hours to complete a hassle-free car sale in Brisbane.

Engaging an experienced car buying company will make convoluted process of selling car for cash in Brisbane smooth, convenient and hassle-free by ensuring proper documentation.

What documents are required for car sale in Brisbane?

When the price quoted by the car buying company is accepted by you, their executives will come prepared with all the required documents so as to prevent your repeated visits to the company that avoid your unnecessary wastage of time and effort.

The executives of professionally managed car buying companies bring with them documents that are necessary at point of sale, such as:

  • Current safety certificate –which is like a roadworthy certificate, if your car is registered
  • Sale receipt
  • Papers for Transfer of Ownership

In addition, for the cars fitted with a gas system, a current gas certificate from an authorized gas installer is a must.

When you look for how to sell your car in Brisbane, it will be beneficial for you to choose the most dedicated, transparent and customer caring car removal company such as Sell My Car for selling your used, junk or salvaged car.

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