Beginner’s Guide to Drag Racing

In the world of cars and speed, with the adrenaline rush, and growling engines, modifications are a mandatory ingredient that can drive your car to the next level with a performance boost up and give you a competitive edge.

So now that you’ve decided to give your four-wheeler a bit of tuning and expand its racing edge, also, increasing the performance level of your car, here are some of the tips for the modifications you might consider.

The basics of a racing car include:

  • Modifications of tires, replace your regular tires with performance tires for the best performance. With these tires, you get better traction and increased handling response.
  • Modified clutch kits for enhanced performance of the racing cars. These high-performance clutches give less weight, more power, better fuel economy, better time, and custom ride.
  • Modifications in brakes bring about a huge difference in the car’s performance for a long-term basis.
  • ECU tuning needs to be upgraded for the optimum performance of your car as it involves the functioning of engines.
  • Modifications in your exhaust system will ensure a better exhaust flow and will allow your engine to perform optimally while you’re driving fast on the race track.

Drag Racing Tips and Techniques

In case you want to drag your car optimally on the race track with no difficulties or complexities, keeping in mind the safety concerns, we have listed some of the best tips for drag racing.

1.    Excellent far vision

It is very essential to practice proper hand-eye coordination while you are driving or racing, and you don’t just focus on something that is directly ahead of you. Your brain should have enough time to capture and understand the response and act accordingly. Haste while drag racing is never an option.

2.     The Burnout

The burnout is designed in a manner to clean off the rear tires to avail the maximum traction. You have to decide if you want to use the water for burnout, and the best way to optimize the burnout is to look at the tires. In case you find your tire composition that maximizes traction, then you must use water.

3.    Use your left foot for the brake

Most of the experienced drivers, and skilled racers apply brakes with their left foot. When you use your left foot to apply the brake and drifting over the brake pedal assists in reducing the time and helps in slowing down. Using your left foot is beneficial and a great hack for a racer.

4.    Pre-race preparation

You can’t just start driving without preparing for your race. There are a few things you have to consider before you need to start. Get your necessary accessories ready before you start and the racing performance parts need to be checked and have to be altered if necessary. Give a quick look at all the necessary parts of the car and make them efficient if necessary.

Final Words

A thumb rule to augment your car’s performance is to choose your alterations and modifications wisely. You must know where to invest your money and time, don’t just blindly start modifying every part of your car, do a proper analysis of your car and relate it with alterations. Once you identify what changes have to be made and how to bring about a high-quality performance in your race car, you are all set to drag racing.