November 2019

Used Cars

The Many Benefits of Buying a Used Car

You’re watching TV and a stylish new vehicle catches your eye, it looks the part and you imagine yourself cruising along the open road with the radio playing your favourite tune. You decide to go to the car dealership and have a look, but is a new car the best option for you? Although it looks great, there are other options when it comes to buying a vehicle – used cars? There are many good reasons to buy a used car, here are just some of them.

Saving Money

A big plus when it comes to buying a used car is the amount of money you save on the transaction. A used car can be anywhere from 40 – 60% cheaper than a new model. If you aren’t looking for anything too flashy, you could pay in one lump sum and own the vehicle outright, without worrying about finance. You’ll find used Canberra cars for sale at incredibly affordable prices, you can purchase a stylish model half the price you’d pay for a new vehicle. Most consumers switch cars every 6 years, you can buy a used car and save money for a new one on your next purchase.


Many customers complain about depreciation when it comes to new cars. The moment you drive them out of the showroom, they start losing money. A new car can drop a whopping 10% on the drive home, if you’ve paid a lot of money for a new car, that is a lot to lose on the first day. The vehicle continues to depreciate over the coming weeks, months and years, leaving you with a vehicle that isn’t worth near as much as what you paid for it. With a used car, this period has passed. When you drive off the lot, it won’t rapidly start leaking money.

No Expensive Add-ons

You don’t have to settle for expensive customisation features when you buy a used car. You can add new features to the vehicle at a lower cost. When buying a new car, things such as alloy can add a lot extra onto the original price. The money you save on buying a used car can be put towards installing modern features such as a sound system or stylish interior.

Excellent Condition

Buying a used car these days is a great option, you can find some outstanding offers online and at car dealerships. Modern cars are built to last, a used car which is 10 years old still has plenty of years left in it if it’s been properly maintained and taken care of. You’ll easily find one that is scratch-free and in great working order.

This article has given a small sample of the many benefits of buying a used car over a new vehicle. Buying a used car gives you the opportunity to save a lot of money, while getting your hands on a vehicle which is in excellent mechanical shape. If you do your homework, you should have no issues finding one that is very close to brand new.

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