February 2019


Car Dealer CRM Software Provide Robust Services!

Car dealerships have a unique portal for their business activities. Unlike the regular businesses these have the need to record the data of the individual customers and their history along with the need to keep them updated from time to time.

As the customer walks into the store and takes a test drive to the time they purchase and start taking their services, the dealerships maintain the best of data for the customers. And Car Dealer CRM software enables the business to keep a track of the data in a comprehensive way.

Revolutionary service for customer data

Car dealer CRM is designed in a way that promotes a better tracking and recording system for the customer data. The data is recorded in unique style where the customer information, vehicle sold, services taken, accessories put up as well as all the complaints and problems are all registered under a single platform. This enables the dealership to have a comprehensive view of the data stored along with all the updates to channelize further services. So when a customer come visiting for a service or further enhancement, within a few clicks all the details about their vehicle and purchase can be tracked for better understanding.

Information at fingertips

Employees working at car dealerships require the information of the customers on their fingertips. And so there is requirement of systems that bring out customer profiles in comprehensive manner for easier tracking. Instead of juggling with multiple sets of data to track the invoices and sale dates etc the CRM software allow for unique display of information through customer profiles where all the data is integrated into customer profiles for easier access. This enables the employees to deal with the customers with informed statistics and better understanding. As the process of better customer addressing comes to life the satisfied customer base grows promoting the business!

Automated updates for customers

Bringing together all the facets of a business i.e. sales, service, customers, interaction, analysis and more the CRM systems provide for all round service for the business. As dealerships are required to connect with the customers on a routine basis for upcoming offers, discounts, payment installments, delivery of cars, purchase of accessories etc the automated systems are of great assistance. These automatically scan the likely customers in need of the notifications and send them the notification as and when required.

CRM systems result in more automated and updated data management and operation system. The performance of dealerships today need assistance of quality systems for utmost growth!


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Auto Parts

Most common Suzuki motorbike parts bought


The battery is an important part of a motorcycle, yet some people do not give it
enough attention until it breaks down. A bad battery can destroy your starter and
charging system. It is preferred that you change the battery as soon as you discover
the signs of battery failure, or after every two years. Changing a battery before it
breaks down gives you peace of mind and confidence when riding. You can get a
replacement battery from Suzuki motorbike parts – shop parts.


While the life of the headlamp does not depend on mileage or duration of use, riders
should ensure that their headlamps serve them well at night. Any signs of faultiness
in the headlamp should always translate to replacing it. To ensure that your headlamp
has a better life, the rider should regularly inspect it during the routine
maintenance of the motorcycle.


A faulty clutch can be very dangerous. When doing basic maintenance, people tend to
forget checking if the clutch is worn out. Friction between the clutch lever and the
clutch cable causes the wire and its jacket to wear out slowly. People with high-
performance motorbikes should inspect the clutch on a regular basis. A clutch should
not go for more than one year without replacing. Ensure that you get a replacement
clutch from authorized dealers like the Suzuki motorbike parts online shop.

Air cleaner

The air cleaner can be cleaned and reused depending on the material it is made of, and
the frequency at which it is maintained. To increase the efficiency of your motorbike,
you might need to upgrade your air filter. After repeated cleaning of the air filter,
it might be time to get a new cleaner.


The footrest is a key component for all bike users especially for people who ride for
long distances. A good footrest ensures that your leg is at the best angle so that it
does not strain, and that your shoe does not slip regardless of the weather. If your
footrest is not comfortable, or if it is worn out there is a need to make a
replacement. At Suzuki motorbike parts, we have a wide range of footrest spares for
all motorcycles.

Front and rear callipers

The braking system of a motorbike is very important for every rider. Regular
maintenance of the front and rear callipers ensure safety when on the road. Motorbike
enthusiasts like to keep changing the callipers depending on the mileage, or after a
specific duration. When changing the front and rear callipers, people should ensure
they purchase the callipers specified for their model of motorcycles.

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