Driving Tips

Five Important Tips to Drive Armored Vehicles Safely

Armored vehicles are capable of carrying more stress-induced weight than other vehicles. Depending on the kind of vehicle, it could haul anywhere up to 6,000 extra pounds in armored weight. With significant armoring, the vehicle’s center of gravity is affected, putting more stress on its mechanical components. This results in substantial handling issues when driving, especially around turns. That is why drivers of armored vehicles must learn how to drive effectively and safely. The tips below can help them with this:

Use Stiffer Springs

With the amount of armored weight that the vehicle has to support, it is paramount to use springs with a higher spring rate. Springs with a higher rate tend to get stiffer. Stiffer springs help in reducing the amount of sag that can result from the armored protection. A great set of these springs will help complement the sway bar of the vehicle to give a more stable ride.

Improve Handling and Drivability by Installing Sway Bars

With the installation of these sway bars, drivers can have more control over the vehicle, particularly around sharp turns. These bars will improve cornering traction to ensure a safe turn. The tires will have a better grip of the road around sharp turns as the vehicle weight is distributed evenly. Also, these bars provide a much secure feeling to handle. Because of this, sway bars are a must on armored vehicles.

Use Upgraded Shocks

A good set of shocks is expected to help in keeping the tires from bounding which can improve traction. Armored vehicles from Troy Armoring company with upgraded shocks tend to drive smoother over bumpy surfaces since the shocks will dampen the spring better to reduce bouncing.

Examine the Alignment

The alignment of the vehicle must be checked regularly to make sure it is not pulling to one side. This is meant to decrease tire wear, providing better grip and traction. Since armored vehicles carry so much weight, their stopping ability is necessary. To improve such ability, it is best to use slotted braking rotors. These rotors can also reduce brake fade and rotor temperature to make sure the breaks work optimally at all times.

Practice Responsible Driving

Armored vehicle drivers should drive responsibly. They need to complete proper training on operating the vehicle. They should be reminded to check mirrors before they drive, watch the mirrors whenever they make turns, start braking earlier, slow down around turns, and know the vehicle’s height.