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The Many Benefits of Buying a Used Car

You’re watching TV and a stylish new vehicle catches your eye, it looks the part and you imagine yourself cruising along the open road with the radio playing your favourite tune. You decide to go to the car dealership and have a look, but is a new car the best option for you? Although it looks great, there are other options when it comes to buying a vehicle – used cars? There are many good reasons to buy a used car, here are just some of them.

Saving Money

A big plus when it comes to buying a used car is the amount of money you save on the transaction. A used car can be anywhere from 40 – 60% cheaper than a new model. If you aren’t looking for anything too flashy, you could pay in one lump sum and own the vehicle outright, without worrying about finance. You’ll find used Canberra cars for sale at incredibly affordable prices, you can purchase a stylish model half the price you’d pay for a new vehicle. Most consumers switch cars every 6 years, you can buy a used car and save money for a new one on your next purchase.


Many customers complain about depreciation when it comes to new cars. The moment you drive them out of the showroom, they start losing money. A new car can drop a whopping 10% on the drive home, if you’ve paid a lot of money for a new car, that is a lot to lose on the first day. The vehicle continues to depreciate over the coming weeks, months and years, leaving you with a vehicle that isn’t worth near as much as what you paid for it. With a used car, this period has passed. When you drive off the lot, it won’t rapidly start leaking money.

No Expensive Add-ons

You don’t have to settle for expensive customisation features when you buy a used car. You can add new features to the vehicle at a lower cost. When buying a new car, things such as alloy can add a lot extra onto the original price. The money you save on buying a used car can be put towards installing modern features such as a sound system or stylish interior.

Excellent Condition

Buying a used car these days is a great option, you can find some outstanding offers online and at car dealerships. Modern cars are built to last, a used car which is 10 years old still has plenty of years left in it if it’s been properly maintained and taken care of. You’ll easily find one that is scratch-free and in great working order.

This article has given a small sample of the many benefits of buying a used car over a new vehicle. Buying a used car gives you the opportunity to save a lot of money, while getting your hands on a vehicle which is in excellent mechanical shape. If you do your homework, you should have no issues finding one that is very close to brand new.

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These Bad Practices Will Damage Your Brakes Beyond Repairs

There are a few bad habits that drivers will have to work on as it leads to the unwanted wear and tear on a car’s brake. It may sound very obvious but braking is an important part of driving. After all for any speedy force, an equal force is exerted to return the vehicle back to stationery. And the important way to do it, is by braking. Of course, there are some other ways like gravity, friction and engine braking. Here are some of the bad habits which put unwanted and extra strain on the brakes and damage them beyond repair.

  1. Late braking

Continuous late and aggressive braking places extra and unwanted strain on the braking system, wears out the brake pads and discs quicker than you can ever imagine. Aggressive braking on a regular basis also tends to generate more heat and may lead to your brakes fading quite earlier. Expect traffic and progressively brake from a distance further.

  1. Overzealous acceleration

It is an easy equation. The more speed you manage to gather, the more speed will be required to shed. In cases of heavy traffic, it pays a hell lot to just speed up lightly in order to catch up the car in front, instead of flooring the accelerator, and then having to place the brakes in order to come to a halt. If you are so fearful of another car cutting your queue, you both are stuck in the same traffic jam, anyway.

  1. Resting your left foot on a pedal

Many people have a habit of resting their left foot on the brake pedal of their vehicle. This leads to brake pedal being subjected to depression while you are driving along in a usual speed, which also leads to unwanted usage of the brakes. Just to ensure your safety, just rest your left foot on the floor rather than resting it on the brake pedal. To browse a range of brake pads, visit

  1. Not coasting

What would you do if you arrive at a junction and notice that the lights are red? You would want to hit the brakes immediately. But it is a big no-no! There is a method called coasting. Just lift off the accelerator and let the car slow down gradually. Who knows that by the time you coast to the traffic light, it would turn green. In other words, you won’t even need to hit the brakes after all. If you brake too soon, without looking ahead to expect the traffic situations, which will lead to unwanted wear and tear on the brakes. For more information please visit

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Audi A6 – Luxury redefined with style

Audi A6 is one of the newest launches of the German giant and is in talks in the market. It seems to be captivating hearts on the streets and topping numbers on the charts. Audi cars have always kept customer satisfaction and loyalty over everything else, and with the quality automobiles that they offer there are not many things that we can look down to in an Audi car. The all-new A6 has a number of new features and a new generation engine that is said to be the best-in-class.


The company offers both, petrol as well as, a diesel engine in the new Audi A6. The petrol engine is a 1.8 L engine. While the diesel engine is a 2.0 L engine. The petrol engine produces a power of 192.6 PS and the diesel engine produces 192.6 PS of maximum power with a torque of 400 NM. Both the engines happen to be 7-speed automatic transmission, there is no manual gear shift option available in the Audi A6.


The design is the prime factor that attracts the customers and also turns heads while this sedan is on the streets.


The Audi A6 is true to its name and is a perfect blend of a sedan and a sport. It has 5 spoke alloy wheels that are a bust to the design. The car is long in terms of length and the front has an ornate grille with complementing angular headlamps that are LEDs. The car also has added matrix headlamps to its design. The rear has the taillamps in the fashion like any other car by Audi.


The interior of the car complements the exterior as well, the interior is in dual tone shades and has highlights of wooden finish in between. It has four-zone ACs, an infotainment system in the centre of the dashboard. The finish is leather finished and the quality of the interior has improved a lot. The seats too are leather finished with comfortable cushioning that is adjustable.


There are a number of other features that the car offers apart from the design and the build quality. The car has cruise control, automatic climate control, hill assist, sunroof, smart infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, ABS, and airbags.

Performance Reviews:

The car drives like a beast and both the heavy engines produce an immense amount of power that is truly enticing. The car reaches 0 to 100 in just 8.8 seconds and does a good job with high torque. The car also possesses paddle shifts that make the job of the person on the wheel easier. The car gives a mileage that ranges from 14 to 18 km/l depending on the usage and the type of engine.


The price of this car varies with each model, but the Audi A6 price ranges between Rs. 50 to 57 lacs (ex-showroom basis).

Audi A6 Competitors

In its segment, the saloon is going to fight with rivals like BMW 5 Series, Porsche cars, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Jaguar XF. Like other Audis, this one too offers a wide range of features inside the cabin, similarly on the safety front it gets some very prominent features vouching for the safety of occupants. Pricing is yet another pro for this long beauty.

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Used Cars and New Cars in Canberra Often Feature Mitsubishi Brand Autos

Many of the autos that Mitsubishi features in Australia are not so much passenger autos but SUVs that you can take with you into remote areas of the country or drive on Outback roadways. For example, the Mitsubishi Pajero proves this case in point. This so-called family car is anything but boring as the seven-seater auto excels on and off the road with its powerful 3.2L diesel engine and adjustable modes such as all-wheel drive (AWD) and rear-wheel drive.

Standard Model GLX Features

You can buy one of three models of the Mitsubishi Pajero amongst new and used cars for sale in Canberra. These models include the GLX, GLS, and Exceed. The GLX Pajero represents a standard model Mitsubishi and features the following:

  • Turbo diesel engine
  • Five-speed automatic transmission great for Outback driving
  • Four-wheel drive
  • A rear differential lock
  • Seven seats
  • Smartphone link display sound

GLS Amenities

The GLS model features the following:

  • Reversible sensor technology
  • Auto dusk and rain sensors
  • Heated power front seats
  • High intensity discharge headlamps great for night driving in remote locations
  • Headlamp washers

The Exceed Exceeds Customer Expectations

The Pajero Exceed provides drivers with the following amenities:

  • Slide-and-tilt electric sunroof
  • Automatic high-beam headlamps
  • Premium audio sound
  • Leather seat facings
  • Alloy sport pedals
  • Ultrasonic alarm and glass-break sensor technology

Reviewing the Cost

If you want to buy a new Pajero, you will need to finance about $50,000 for the standard GLX model. You can slash this cost substantially if you choose a Pajero that is pre-owned. Whilst you cannot choose options for the car, you can drive a Pajero at a significantly reduced cost. If you and your family like to camp or you enjoy off-road driving, this car was made for you.

Get More Power from the Pajero Sport

If you drive off-road a good deal, you may want to step up your selection of the Pajero by opting for the Pajero Sport. Whilst this car is still considered ideal for family use, it contains the equipment needed to handle off-road paths. This car supports a 2.4-litre turbo diesel engine as well as an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Pajero Sport, just the same as the regular Pajero, comes in the same three models — the GLX, GLS, and Exceed. You can buy this car new for a slightly higher price than the regular Pajero.

Review the Makes and Models Online

Review all the new and used Mitsubishis online today. You will find that many of the cars will meet your needs if you like to drive off-road or regularly travel Outback highways. Even if you use the cars for city driving, you don’t have to worry about performance or dependability. See for yourself why Mitsubishi vehicles continue to attract the attention of both city drivers and Outback motorists.

How to Decide

When choosing a used or new Mitsubishi, carefully review the amenities and base your choices on what you need in terms of performance, cost, and overall use. That way, you can find just the right car for family, personal, or business use.

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Four Tips to Ensure you Ride your Quad Safely

Some people who drive all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) enjoy the freedom and flexibility associated with their ride. Nothing can be more exciting for them than quad biking through muddy ditches. However, no matter how sturdy your quad bike looks and how much enjoyment you get from the ride, the vehicle requires experience and skills to ensure effective control.

If you are new to quad bikes or haven’t been riding one for a while, you need training. Keep in mind that it can easy for quads to roll, especially when you ride them off-road. Plus, things can easily go wrong without preparation. To make sure you enjoy your ride and embrace the freedom that comes with it, consider the tips below:

Purchase the Right Quad Bike

If you are new to adult quad bikes for sale in UK, pick a unit that matches your level of experience and strength. Remember that driving this ATV is quite physical and you need to ensure you can handle your vehicle’s power and weight.

Perform Safety Checks

A quad bike that has been in use for over three years should pass an MOT to be used in public roads. Thus, having safety features such as a speedometer, a brake light, and hazard warning lights are a must.  You can only drive the ATV if you possess a full car licence or motorcycle category B1 licence. Also, the quad should have at least third-party insurance.

If you plan to drive the ATV off-road, you still have to perform basic safety checks before each ride. Make sure you check steering, tyre pressure, fuel level, front and rear brakes, and oil level.

Fit the Correct Tyres

Tyres for quad bikes are identified by three numbers, 24×7-11, for instance. The first two numbers are the tyre’s height and width. The third one is the rim’s size. You can prefer to fit tyres which add at least one inch of height to enhance off-road performance and switch to road-legal tyres only when necessary. But, to make sure your new tyres suit your quad, avoid increasing the tyres by over a couple of sizes on quads bigger than 500cc and not more than one size on smaller ones.

Wear the Right Gear

A quad bike does not have roll cages to drivers can easily escape it should an accident happen. But, without built-in safety measures, you need to wear the right protective clothing and helmet to prevent injury.

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Car Dealer CRM Software Provide Robust Services!

Car dealerships have a unique portal for their business activities. Unlike the regular businesses these have the need to record the data of the individual customers and their history along with the need to keep them updated from time to time.

As the customer walks into the store and takes a test drive to the time they purchase and start taking their services, the dealerships maintain the best of data for the customers. And Car Dealer CRM software enables the business to keep a track of the data in a comprehensive way.

Revolutionary service for customer data

Car dealer CRM is designed in a way that promotes a better tracking and recording system for the customer data. The data is recorded in unique style where the customer information, vehicle sold, services taken, accessories put up as well as all the complaints and problems are all registered under a single platform. This enables the dealership to have a comprehensive view of the data stored along with all the updates to channelize further services. So when a customer come visiting for a service or further enhancement, within a few clicks all the details about their vehicle and purchase can be tracked for better understanding.

Information at fingertips

Employees working at car dealerships require the information of the customers on their fingertips. And so there is requirement of systems that bring out customer profiles in comprehensive manner for easier tracking. Instead of juggling with multiple sets of data to track the invoices and sale dates etc the CRM software allow for unique display of information through customer profiles where all the data is integrated into customer profiles for easier access. This enables the employees to deal with the customers with informed statistics and better understanding. As the process of better customer addressing comes to life the satisfied customer base grows promoting the business!

Automated updates for customers

Bringing together all the facets of a business i.e. sales, service, customers, interaction, analysis and more the CRM systems provide for all round service for the business. As dealerships are required to connect with the customers on a routine basis for upcoming offers, discounts, payment installments, delivery of cars, purchase of accessories etc the automated systems are of great assistance. These automatically scan the likely customers in need of the notifications and send them the notification as and when required.

CRM systems result in more automated and updated data management and operation system. The performance of dealerships today need assistance of quality systems for utmost growth!


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Most common Suzuki motorbike parts bought


The battery is an important part of a motorcycle, yet some people do not give it
enough attention until it breaks down. A bad battery can destroy your starter and
charging system. It is preferred that you change the battery as soon as you discover
the signs of battery failure, or after every two years. Changing a battery before it
breaks down gives you peace of mind and confidence when riding. You can get a
replacement battery from Suzuki motorbike parts – shop parts.


While the life of the headlamp does not depend on mileage or duration of use, riders
should ensure that their headlamps serve them well at night. Any signs of faultiness
in the headlamp should always translate to replacing it. To ensure that your headlamp
has a better life, the rider should regularly inspect it during the routine
maintenance of the motorcycle.


A faulty clutch can be very dangerous. When doing basic maintenance, people tend to
forget checking if the clutch is worn out. Friction between the clutch lever and the
clutch cable causes the wire and its jacket to wear out slowly. People with high-
performance motorbikes should inspect the clutch on a regular basis. A clutch should
not go for more than one year without replacing. Ensure that you get a replacement
clutch from authorized dealers like the Suzuki motorbike parts online shop.

Air cleaner

The air cleaner can be cleaned and reused depending on the material it is made of, and
the frequency at which it is maintained. To increase the efficiency of your motorbike,
you might need to upgrade your air filter. After repeated cleaning of the air filter,
it might be time to get a new cleaner.


The footrest is a key component for all bike users especially for people who ride for
long distances. A good footrest ensures that your leg is at the best angle so that it
does not strain, and that your shoe does not slip regardless of the weather. If your
footrest is not comfortable, or if it is worn out there is a need to make a
replacement. At Suzuki motorbike parts, we have a wide range of footrest spares for
all motorcycles.

Front and rear callipers

The braking system of a motorbike is very important for every rider. Regular
maintenance of the front and rear callipers ensure safety when on the road. Motorbike
enthusiasts like to keep changing the callipers depending on the mileage, or after a
specific duration. When changing the front and rear callipers, people should ensure
they purchase the callipers specified for their model of motorcycles.

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4 Great Benefits Of Keeping Your Car Clean

Your car is your pride and joy and rightly so. We love to keep it clean and whenever, we have any free time, we are out there washing it down and applying many kinds of cleaning products both inside and outside. Detailing your car regularly offers many advantages and really positive benefits for your car. We all want to keep that new car smell, but it fades after a while, but that’s no reason not to keep your car looking as good as it did when you first bought it.

There are so many Sensha car cleaning products available and they all add value to your car and also restore value to it as well. If you apply a cleaning product that protects your paint finish and bodywork for example, it will make your vehicle more aerodynamic and thus saves you money on your fuel expenses. Getting your car detailed by a professional offers many benefits and we will explore just some of them now.

  1. Protects Your Investment – After your home, your car is your next biggest investment and like your home, you want to take care of it and hopefully maintain its value for as long as is possible. Regularly detailing and cleaning your car protects its value and will greatly increase its retail value when you eventually decide to sell it.
  1. Great Value for Money – Going to the right car detailer means that they will use all the car cleaning products at their disposal to make sure that that stubborn stain comes out of your carpet, that that scrape is buffed out of the paperwork and that smell that you can’t get rid of, is tackled and gone forever or at least until the next time. With the right products, your car can be transformed in only a few hours.
  1. Improved Safety – There are great cleaning products available that clean all the gunk off your windscreen and rear window which allows you to be able to see clearly through all the glass in your car. Being able to see what’s ahead, behind and to the side of you is important as you navigate around Australia’s busy roads. If the inside of the car is properly cleaned, this provides you with fresh air, which will help keep you alert on those long trips.
  1. Better Fuel Economy – There are cleaning products that not only keep your car clean but protect as well. Engine cleaning is something that is overlooked and cleaning your engine helps it to run more smoothly. A clean car is a vehicle that has less drag and so less power is needed to drive it along. This all saves you money next time you fill up. It might seem like only a little, but over the lifetime of a car, it all adds up.

We should all keep our cars clean to protect it and keep it safe for when we are driving our families around in it. Have a look at all the car cleaning products available and start taking better care of your car today.

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Used Audi pre-purchase checklist for your next purchase

If you’ve heard good things about the Audi but would like more before heading to your Audi Rochester dealership, consider the following to help make your decision

Audi Overall

The Audi has maintained its reputation for longevity, its luxury designed interior using quality wood and leather, and the attention given to each detail.

Benefits of a used Audi include:

  • A reputation for reliability.
  • Drivability and maneuverability due to all-wheel-drive.
  • Equipped with high-end features designed for comfort and convenience such as zoned climate control.
  • Safety equipment that may not be featured on economy brands such as blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and child safety locks.

Used Audis to Consider

Used Audis from 2009 and later with high ratings include:

  • 2009 Audi A3
  • 2010 Audi Q5 and A6
  • 2012 Audi A4
  • 2013 Audi A3, A4, and A6
  • 2013 Audi Q5​

Audi Pre-Purchase Checklist

  • Research – Know what you’re looking for in terms of features, technology, and price. Visit Audi forums for owner reviews and visit websites that provide vehicle reviews of individual models and years.
  • Check prices – By comparing prices in and around your location can show a difference in prices.
  • Private seller – If you choose to purchase from a private seller, request that all receipts for repair, replacements, and maintenance be made available.
  • Vehicle history report – The report notes the number of owners, if it was leased or owned, mileage validation, and information about flood history or accidents.
  • Test drive – Put it to the test by taking a spin for an extended period along various routes to test performance and maneuverability.
  • Pre-purchase inspection – Before signing the contract, have the Audi inspected by a mechanic experienced with the brand.

Following a simple checklist can help ensure the Audi you purchase has everything you want and more.

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Driving Tips

Five Important Tips to Drive Armored Vehicles Safely

Armored vehicles are capable of carrying more stress-induced weight than other vehicles. Depending on the kind of vehicle, it could haul anywhere up to 6,000 extra pounds in armored weight. With significant armoring, the vehicle’s center of gravity is affected, putting more stress on its mechanical components. This results in substantial handling issues when driving, especially around turns. That is why drivers of armored vehicles must learn how to drive effectively and safely. The tips below can help them with this:

Use Stiffer Springs

With the amount of armored weight that the vehicle has to support, it is paramount to use springs with a higher spring rate. Springs with a higher rate tend to get stiffer. Stiffer springs help in reducing the amount of sag that can result from the armored protection. A great set of these springs will help complement the sway bar of the vehicle to give a more stable ride.

Improve Handling and Drivability by Installing Sway Bars

With the installation of these sway bars, drivers can have more control over the vehicle, particularly around sharp turns. These bars will improve cornering traction to ensure a safe turn. The tires will have a better grip of the road around sharp turns as the vehicle weight is distributed evenly. Also, these bars provide a much secure feeling to handle. Because of this, sway bars are a must on armored vehicles.

Use Upgraded Shocks

A good set of shocks is expected to help in keeping the tires from bounding which can improve traction. Armored vehicles from Troy Armoring company with upgraded shocks tend to drive smoother over bumpy surfaces since the shocks will dampen the spring better to reduce bouncing.

Examine the Alignment

The alignment of the vehicle must be checked regularly to make sure it is not pulling to one side. This is meant to decrease tire wear, providing better grip and traction. Since armored vehicles carry so much weight, their stopping ability is necessary. To improve such ability, it is best to use slotted braking rotors. These rotors can also reduce brake fade and rotor temperature to make sure the breaks work optimally at all times.

Practice Responsible Driving

Armored vehicle drivers should drive responsibly. They need to complete proper training on operating the vehicle. They should be reminded to check mirrors before they drive, watch the mirrors whenever they make turns, start braking earlier, slow down around turns, and know the vehicle’s height.


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