What Are the Different Factors Based on Which a Claim for Consumables Two-Wheeler Insurance Cover Can Be Lodged?

Everybody takes the first chance they get to buy a vehicle of their own. That is especially true for two-wheelers. Compared to cars they are cheaper and offer a great deal of convenience on the road. However, having a vehicle is not just about adding convenience to your life. Owning a bike is also a big responsibility. Even after you have purchased a bike, you must bear expenses to keep the bike in good shape. This includes spending on the small things known as consumables that increase the overall cost.

What are the items used in a two wheeler?

When talking about two-wheeler or bike insurance, the word ‘consumables’ should come in your way. To shed some light on consumables, they are components of the automobile that are fully utilized when they are used. These are non-reusable components and cannot be refilled.

Materials such as screws, nuts, bolts, lubricants, brake oil, fuel filters, grease, air conditioning gas, etc. are included in consumables. Consumables are not usually part of the basic bike insurance policy and are usually included in add-ons that are available to buy with insurance providers.

Factors to be aware of while claiming a consumables cover

There are several factors to consider before claiming a usable cover on two-wheeler insurance. They include:

  • Report damage or accident immediately and have the vehicle repaired or repaired within 3 days of the accident – if this does not happen within the allotted time it is pointless to attempt to insurance claim because it does not count as eligible. Therefore, to avoid any claim rejection, it is always advisable to claim within the stipulated 3 days.
  • The consumables cover only works with its own damage coverage. Consumables are an add-on, so they fall under the umbrella of ‘own damage’ to the two-wheeler. In such cases, it is necessary to know about the terms and conditions of the policy to make the claim process much easier.
  • Consumable’s cover is only available for two-wheelers under 5 years of age. Vehicles older than 5 years are not eligible for usable cover.
  • As with most policy add-ons, the policyholder must have a clear copy of all valid driving licenses and insurance documents. If the documents are not submitted immediately after the accident or damage, the usable cover will be canceled or invalid.
  • Any wear and tear or deterioration of vehicle parts to consumables that is caused due to intoxication, malicious driving, etc. will not be eligible for a claim.

* Standard T&C Apply

While the consumables cover is part of the policy, it is an add-on. Hence, it is important to report any kind of damage or accident as soon as possible. The longer you take to make a claim, the more difficult claim settlement becomes. In such a situation, it is wise to ensure that all the damages to your bike are covered under your policy. Therefore, it is smart to buy a consumer goods cover, providing extra coverage for the two-wheeler in the event of an accident or damage. You must ensure that the coverage including the consumables cover falls within your set bike insurance price range. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.