Montana Car Registration: A Step By Step Guide

According to Montana state laws, any automobile needs to be registered. This includes motorbikes, quadricycles, sailboats, jet skis, motorboats, and any other motorized sea craft. The only exception is for the pickup campers, which must be titled but not necessarily registered.

Montana vehicle registration must be done within 60 days of relocation, failure to which may subject you to a hefty fine. Moreover, you must go to your county treasurer’s office to register the vehicle and supply the necessary information.

The following are some of the items you will need while registering your vehicle:

  • a completed application for car registration
  • insurance documentation
  • the title of the vehicle
  • a certificate of registration from your previous state

Here is a step by step guide on how to register a vehicle in Montana

1.    Ensure You Have All The Paperwork

If you lived in Montana and bought a car from a dealership you will be able to have them handle all of the paperwork and registration for you. To guarantee that you can obtain the vehicle’s tag, make sure you acquire copies of the papers.

When buying a car from an individual, you’ll have to do all the paperwork and registration yourself. Additionally, you may hire a Montana registered agent to help you through the whole process of registration. They will ensure that you have all the documents necessary and make your job easier to register your car. Here are some of the things you’ll need before going to the treasurer’s office to register the vehicle:

  • a completed application for car registration
  • insurance cards for automobiles
  • your name is on the title of the automobile.
  • the vehicle’s odometer reading
  • fees for titling and license plates

2.    Pay Up The Registration Fees

You will also be required to pay a registration fee. It will cost $217 to register a less than four years old vehicle.

The registration price for automobiles aged five to 10 years is $87.

It will cost $28 to register a vehicle that is 11 years old or older.

3.    Inform Your Car Insurance Company Of Your Move

Remember to notify your auto insurance company of your relocation. Because your policy will have to be rerated for Montana, now is an excellent opportunity to shop around and compare rates to verify you’re getting the best bargain.

Notably, if you relocate to a new state, you will need to re-register your vehicle. Assume you registered your automobile six months ago, and both your old and new states require you to renew your registration every year. To comply with the law, you cannot wait six months after moving to a new state to renew your registration. As soon as you relocate, you must renew your registration.

The above listed is a step-by-step guide to a car registration in Montana. Ensuring you abide by the state registration laws is crucial to avoid penalties. And in case you didn’t know, registering a RV in Montana or a car, is cheaper than in most states, which makes Montana even more attractive for those who wish to buy a new car and save some money in the process.